I’m tired of the solo act,
I’m tired of the solo act,
Grab my bong
I’m tired of,
Took a hit.
I’m fine with the solo act.
I’m totally fine with the solo act……

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Come back to me Old love of mines. This steel rod lingers n poisons me daily. I am arriving to the point of no returns And no take backs. As the sun fades away, I too go into lockdown. Taking each breath with wonders. But while I enjoy this death, I have a smoke of […]

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Shrooms are kicking in
And so the colors are flowing.
I see fishes and trees,
Swimming and flowing among themselves.
No one is praising my name, but it’s all the same to me.

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For I am here,
So how can you not be?
I didn’t fall into this abyss for no reason.
I sense this change you’re a part of.
I taste it in the air of this season….

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You will see my truest form.
Written out in this piece,
I give hope to those after me.
Let the trickles of pain and blood light the way to brighter gates and holy praises….

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places his hand on my shoulder.
He then passes me a joint.
As we smoke out to Musical Youth’s Pass the DUTCHIE, I realized that this song was not about weed……
All innocence flows away in smoke.
Recovering from the lost is never.. Beautiful


Of Jokes N Riddles

​ Of Jokes & Riddles Go and Find Home….. For too long we three Split and cease What we create and made The purity of the heart. But today mark the day That we made this pact And as I sleep deep in the catacombs of his mind. I felt the fire that use to […]

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However these recited words brings only one now.
And I see her silhouette in the distance, but can’t make her out.
But to hear her applauds
Let’s me know the next chapter is
Something of a wonder…..

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